Thursday, September 3, 2009

SOLD - 1986 Free Spirit

1986 Free Spirit 26" Ladies' Campus Cruiser. The previous owner must have loved this bike because it has been very well taken care of. All I had to do was tune it up, clean it up, shine it up, and it was ready to ride. The sunset orange paint matches the brown leather seat and brown hand grips perfectly. This bike rides like a cruiser but has the thinner tires and weight of a road bike making it very agile and perfect for city commutes. There are many, many years of good riding left in this bicycle!



  1. Sweeet. Glad you rescued this bike. I picked up an old Freespirit Sunbird out of some old lady's trash a couple of years ago and started working on it. I need to replace a rim still and tune it up, but it's a pretty nice old bike. I wish i knew how to find out what year things like this were. Old cars, you know, you can tell because there's a code on the tail light that includes the year. I don't think there is anything like that on an old bike. I've got an old Concord Pacer RS too. Mixie Frame that used to be my primary bike until I bought my Trek FX 7.2.

  2. Most bikes have a serial number stamped in the frame. Check the headbadge/headset, under the crank, the seat downtube, or the rear stays. With the make and model of the bike plus the serial number, you should be able to google the info and find the year it was made - or at least get it narrowed down to a date range. I always enjoy the search.

    Happy riding!