Thursday, September 3, 2009

SOLD - 1988 Murray Monterey

This 1988 Murray Monterey 26" was rescued from the clutches of some abusive little children at a yard sale. The heathens had almost completely destroyed it. Perched like vultures on the porch steps, the kids shot us icy glares as we carried the bike away to safety. When we found it, the tires were flat, handlebars bent, rims taco'd, and frame covered in rust. Here's a picture:

(warning - not for the faint of heart)

The bike was completely stripped down, aligned, tuned up, given a new two-tone paint job, tubes, and tires. It is a heavy bike with a solid steel frame and it cruises like a dream. Balloon tires and a wide, springy seat make for a very comfortable ride. This bike has been getting a lot of attention in the short time that we took it out for photos. I wish I had a few more of these ready because I could sell them all quickly.



  1. Everyone needs to ride a beach cruiser. You don't need a beach just the drive to have fun!I have fond memories of riding my beach cruiser down the tops of bulkheads at Avalon Pier. It is nice to see them back in action!!

    Bryan Murray

  2. I love cruisers! From the moment I used one in Berlin 2 years ago I can only hope to get one! Sadly they are ridiculously expensive in Dublin. Yes, in Ireland. And not so popular, I dunno why. Must be the never ending sloppy roads? Always windy and mostly raining? Must be the ever popular mountain bikes with their riding position and multi-speeds? Hmm, I should know, I have one. Built it myself from chosen parts, nevertheless. But you can't compare the riding comfort with a fat tyre, leather springgy sadle, etc. Nice blog, I will enjoy read/ watch it!

  3. Dan, my wife has a cruiser. I have a road bike. One day I grabbed her bike for a quick ride to the grocery and thought, "I should be riding a cruiser more often!" So simple and comfortable.

    Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

  4. I recently rescued one of this its an 1988 Murray Monterey as well, i will post pics soon when its done. When i found it it wasnt in the best condition ever but everything was there original. Your bike is one of the cleanest looking bikes ive seen, major props man! Im sure ill enjoy rebulding mine. Thats a kickass bike.!!! XD