Monday, September 14, 2009

SOLD - 1976 Fuji Sports 10 - My Bike

I received a call from a woman a few weeks ago. She said, "I know you sell bikes but do you ever do trades?"

Normally I don't.

She went on, "I babysit this little boy who loves to ride bikes but his was stolen. A thoughtful neighbor gave him an old ten speed bike but it is waaaay too big for him. He can't even get his legs over the bars. I think you would like the style of this bike a lot. I thought you may have something that would fit him."

I told her I had a possible match in a used mountain bike (a gawdy looking thing with lots of logos and shock absorbers and technical flare) that I didn't want anymore. I arranged to come check out what she had to offer. When I pulled up to her garage I saw this 1976 Fuji Sports 10 Road Bike and I instantly fell in love. I wanted that bike! Now, the big question was, would this little kid like the bike I had to offer? Suddenly, I felt strangely nervous. The lady called in to the house and out came the kid. I was at the mercy of his young opinion. I gently rolled the bike up to him and presented it as an offering in hopes of his acceptance. He looked at me, then at the bike, then to his babysitter, then back to the bike. With each glance his smile grew larger. Things were looking up! I told him to take it for a test ride. He looked to the babysitter for permission, which she granted, and he hopped on and pedaled down the street.

The babysitter called out, "Do you like it?"

He lifted his head skyward and screamed, "OH YEAH!"

Everybody wins.


  1. I like this story to the maximum degree, utterly fulfilling and I think Ive been that kid before.
    Good Show!

  2. Hello,
    i saw your wanted ad on the web ,i don`t know if you still need it ,i
    just want to let you know that i have it for sale in a sound
    condittion as soon i get your interest i will email you pictures and
    price thanks.
    I anticipate your swift response.

  3. I have the same bike. Im sitting in a blizzard now but when it's warm again the streets are mine!